Weekly LinkedIn Posts: Ready-Made & Sound Like YOU

Elevate your social media game. Get 8 to 12 expertly crafted, personalized posts each month to grow your personal brand.

Your ideas and knowledge become the posts

Share your unique expertise by responding to a monthly email that asks you to share your latest ideas, inspirations, links, and any other input you want to share. Don't worry about grammar or wording, we'll take care of everything.This will ensure that the LinkedIn posts sound like you and give value to your followers.

Smart AI prompts, premium marketing templates & human copywriters

We'll use copywriters and AI to combine your original ideas with the right marketing formulas and copywriting best practices to keep your personal brand authentic while growing your followers count on social media.

Results & ROI

Sharing your expertise on social media is worth it. It results in rapid growth in followers, engagement, profile views, and best of all - new leads!

Unlock your unique potential with a personal brand that grows without much effort.

Grow your audience in LinkedIn in order to get more ...... LEADS & CUSTOMERS

How it works

1. We'll gather your authentic insights by sending you thought-provoking questions and an open form for sharing links, every month.2. The input you're giving us will be the basis for the posts.3. We'll apply the most current social media marketing and copywriting best practices and use the help of AI to come up with the perfect LinkedIn posts that would grow your audience while still sounding like you.4. You'll get custom LinkedIn posts to your email every week and publish them as your own.

1. Sign up & fill your profile

Share your goals, industry, interests, target group, and writing style with us so we can offer you the best service possible.

2. Give input every month

You'll receive an email asking to share links and ideas along with some thought-provoking questions every month. These free-form answers or links you share will be the basis for the LinkedIn posts.

3. Receive the posts and publish

Your insights are combined with the latest marketing and copywriting best practices to create authentic social media posts. Receive them via email and publish them as your own.


Subscribe to a monthly subscription with a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Your ideas and expertise can be shared in different lengths and formats.


Q: I can't copy-paste the emojis in the posts, what should I do?

A: With the right-click of the mouse, use "Paste Without Formatting". This should do the trick.

Q: Is posting several posts per week or even one per day too spammy?

A: No, it just feels a lot to you because you see all of your posts. Social media algorithms show each of your published posts only to a small number of your followers. All the best practices say that you should keep a consistent publishing schedule and even several posts every day is not too much.

Q: When are the best times to publish my posts?

A: Throughout the work week, from early morning to late evening.

Q: Can I use this service to post on my company's social media accounts?

A: Yes. See more information here - https://business.blessedpirate.com

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Let us know all your thoughts about this service or which problems you are facing right now when trying to build and grow your personal brand. We'd love to hear from you.

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